The ALS Society of Alberta is a nonprofit organization that supports families affected by ALS. The organization hosts two major fundraisers every year; WALK for ALS in Edmonton, and Betty's Run for ALS in Calgary.


Making it possible: Moments

The ALS Society of Alberta wanted a PSA that was hopeful, uplifting, and inspiring. The result was the Making It Possible campaign. The campaign showed how far a single wheelchair can go to help people enjoy their lives, and show how many milestones that a single wheelchair can go through.

We wanted the word "it" to represent any moment or memory that families can find meaningful; and how ALS Alberta can make those moments or memories possible.

Making it Possible: Hockey

The Making It Possible: Hockey campaign was inspired by a story about a father who could not watch his son play hockey because of the limitations of his wheelchair.

The ALS Society provided the necessary equipment for him to finally be able to watch his son play.

Hockey is one of the many moments or memories that "it" represents in Making It Possible.

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