Client: Chedda Cheese
Work: Brand Development, Creative Direction, Website Design, Video Production

Shea Rodger, better known as Chedda Cheese is a Calgary based recording artist known for his appearances on King of the Dot, and music videos that bring in hundreds of thousands of views.

Chedda Cheese was in need of a new visual identity, which included a logo, website, merchandise, and of course video production.


Logo Design

The first thing we wanted to start with was a fresh logo. Chedda Cheese wanted to move away from the cartoonish imagery he was previously using, so we created an icon that was serious, but still light hearted.

What we came up with was the "Certified" badge logo. You see these badges used on foods that are organic, vegan, gluten free, etc. but this is food for our ears.



The badge logo was also a perfect fit for merchandise such as t-shirts, toques, and even stickers. In addition, we created a second t-shirt with Chedda Cheese's signature King of the Dot expression, ch-ch-chedda


Mouse over for preview, or click to visit.


Website Design

As a recording artist, one of the biggest challenges is managing the different types of media and platforms that your content uses. To centralize all this content, we built a media heavy website that houses all of Chedda Cheeses content and social media. 

In addition, we provided the creative direction and photography seen throughout the website.


Video Production

Chedda Cheese is famous for his music videos. We have been one of his primary video producers since he began his career, and are proud to continue collaborating with him on future projects. 


Business Cards

A more formal side to Chedda Cheese's music is the business side. Not only does Chedda Cheese engineer his own audio, he engineers audio for many recording artists in Calgary.

Hoping to work with artists in as many different genres as possible, the business cards were kept simple and not genre specific.