Chedda Cheese is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Calgary, Alberta. He made a name for himself both locally and online for his humorous style of music. But as he matured, so did his sound. Now he needed a creative direction that reflected this.


Brand Identity

Our goal with Chedda Cheese’s new identity was the create something less cheesy (no pun intended), and more mature. We ended up with a simple wordmark logo based off his famous catchphrase made popular from his King of the Dot appearances.


Video Production

We provide Chedda Cheese with video production that has ranged from live concert coverage to music videos. Check out our latest production, Grade 9 where we used animated lyrics to help tell his story!

Minor Accomplishments Cover.jpg

Minor Accomplishments Release

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Album Cover

A light hearted and fun song that celebrates the minor accomplishments in our lives. The first thing a single needed was a cover. We went with an ink on paper vibe that matched the tropical tone of the song.


Merchandise Design & Photography

We designed the t-shirts and hats to help promote the new single, as well as push the new brand identity forward. We also provided product photography and lifestyle photography to show off the clothes.