Work: Logo Design, Website Design

The VI Studio is the production house of REFUSED BY LIGHT, the pseudonym of a Calgary based photographer and artist. VI Studio focuses on producing physical art and media for REFUSED BY LIGHT, other artists, and brands.

REFUSED BY LIGHT was looking to have a logo designed for the studio, and a website to showcase their work.


Logo Design

The inspiration behind VI Studio started with a project REFUSED BY LIGHT had done on medium format film. Analog media was something that was important to the studio, so we wanted to visually represent this in the logo.

Our logo plays off the glitches from analog tapes. The blue and red also helps make the logo stand out on any background without using outlines.


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Website Design

As a studio that creates print media, we wanted their portfolio to feel like you were scrolling through book covers. Our goal was to use big and bold imagery to allow users to focus on the art.